Our babies know when it is their
turn to help with the kennel
Previous Litters
Maggie and Darby as puppies
Maggie 6 weeks Darby 5 months
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In the
Top Golden Retriever
1 week old
2 weeks old
3 weeks old
and yes all 11 puppies are
in the basket!
Nevada pops by for a visit to
check out Maggie's new puppies
Hey that looks like a great pillow!
Champions in 5 Generations that includes
4 dogs in the
Field Dog Hall of Fame and
1 in the
Obedience Hall of Fame!
Maggie Retired January 2010
Daisy Mae
Daisy is over 13 now and lives the life of
Luxury Daddy pampers her more than he
pampers mom! :-)
Daisy manages to fit her
rear into every water
container we buy!
the other water Muddy
before she goes for the
drinking containers!
We drove all the way to
Idaho for Daisy and she
was well worth the trip!
Daisy 5
What can I say about this. . . . .
puppies Nevada drops by and nurses Daisy's puppies for her.
It takes both feet and
your head under to get
a drink of water!
An afternoon with the
horse is fun fun fun!!!
Chinook is just as curious
about the puppies as they
are about him
the hip since they came home with us
when Daisy was 5 weeks and Ruby was
7 weeks old Both are over 13 and doing
well Ruby looks like a 5 year old!
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She believes that God made the
garden hose just for her!
Her bloodline has 22 Champions
with 41 Championships in 6
*Copies given to clients when they
take their puppy home!
First day in California and their new home!
Mom teaching Montana how to
get in the water bucket!
Ruby is so huge she cant
roll over!!!
Nevada's puppy
it seems sleeping in the food
dish is a genetic
over 42 inches around!
days before delivery
Ruby's puppy
born the same day!
litter of 3 vs. a litter of 13!