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Hi and Welcome to our Website our names are Daniel and Brenda. We look forward to getting to talk to
you about our Furry Family...

Our Goals
We here at HeavenlyGoldens strive to breed and raise happy, healthy, loving pets, show dogs and service animals.
Our babies come from Excellent blood lines. We believe in educating our clients on the benefits of owning and
training a Golden Retriever.  An informed pet owner is a very happy pet owner. It is more important to us to
make a perfect match than to place a puppy! We meet with or talk to our Clients to determine if a Golden would
thrive in their home. Placing a puppy is really easy for clients who have already had a Golden, we know in this case
that the Client has already been trained. If together we determine that a Golden isn't for you and your family
we will discuss your options with you or help you decide what breed will be best for you. We will spend as much
time that is required to get to know you and to match you with the perfect puppy for you and your family.
About Our Business

We are a Christian family and believe in honest hard work. We take the time and effort to match our babies with a
family that will love and care for them the way we would. We believe it is just as important for your puppy to pick you
as it is for you to pick your puppy. Where there is a perfect match there is a happy puppy and a happy family. We
take deposits on puppies for current litters as well as future litters. We do allow our clients to "roll" their deposit to a
later litter if they dont find the perfect match. Our deposits are always refundable in full.

Our website is designed to show our puppies in their environment in our home, during their daily activities rather than  
"posed pictures". This means they are in the mud, water, pool, grass, inside the house or any other environment I can
expose them to.
We like them to experience everything we possibly can and to have fun while doing it. This also allows me to get to
know our puppies so I can share with our clients the beginnings of the personality of each puppy. It is amazing to see
how likes and dislikes are passed down from their parents and grand parents.

We have 2 homes one in the High Desert here in California and one in a Lush Forest in Colorado. We believe that
puppies who are socialized from birth are much easier to train. We start to train them from the minute their eyes are
open and they start walking which is between 2.5 and 3 weeks. This is just the beginning of what they learn while in
our home, they are babies after all.
We are a "hands on breeder" this means that we deliver every puppy and make sure they are handled and played with
every day and trained until they go to their new home... They stay in our bedroom from birth until they are about 3
weeks old then we move them to another room inside the house until they are older. Depending on the season in good
weather they get to go out side in a pen so that they can learn to enjoy that as well.
We prefer our puppies go to homes between 9 and 10 weeks.
We do not allow visits to our home until puppies have had their first vaccination. We rarely allow other animals into our
home with out knowing their medical and vaccination history.  
While the Law says the puppies can go home at 8 weeks we like to give them that extra week of socialization whenever
While it is important to us to protect our Clients privacy,We can provide referrals upon request... I am in process of
building a page with comments and letters from Clients with pictures of them and where they are from. This page will
be available soon...

It seems that the house is always full of Dogs, our babies are our Children. Our human children are off with their lives
and giving us grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am 100%  Disabled following a horrible auto accident in my 30's.
My need for a Service Animal is what prompted us to purchase our first Golden as a couple 16 years ago. Then
purchased a companion for him for when I was doing well... Our vet talked us into breeding Darby and Maggie and he
received a puppy from their first litter.
We have been very active in preparing our puppies to go on to be Service animals, therapy dogs, search and rescue in
every environment... snow, desert, water and disaster sites, bomb dogs, drug dogs, and movie stars, any job that a
Golden can do we have one or more of our offspring doing! We even do family pets on occasion.
We have been in Business in California for 15 years minus the short time we spend at our home in Colorado.

We offer discounts for Active and Retired Military, Police officers and Fire Fighters. We know it takes someone special
to do these jobs and we respect and honor them any way we can.... My Husband is Retired from the California
Department of Mental Health where he was a Horticulture Teacher at a Mental Hospital/Prison. His education also
includes a minor in Psychology and Family counseling/therapy. He has had Goldens off and on for over 45 years. He
spends his retirement taking care of and training our dogs which is like another full time job or second career for him.
He also takes care of me!
We are very blessed with a wonderful family of Goldens and Each other! We have an understanding family that realizes
when we have new puppies we do not leave home. That means a lot of missed Holidays and special occasions. This is a
24 hour a day 7 day a week 365 day a year job, we dont get a day off and we love every minute! It is the best "job"
the world can offer.

What we do... Our work begins long before the puppies come. Once our Dams go into heat their lives begin to change.
During the entire heat cycle we pay special attention to the needs of our moms. We make sure they get plenty of
supervised exercise and lots of loving care. At the beginning of the heat cycle moms are evaluated for their health and
fitness. Making babies is a tough job and we want to make sure they are up to it. Once the mating has taken place, we
start small changes in their diet. Starting the 1st week they are given vitamin supplements. The 2nd week of
pregnancy, they are offered additional food only as a treat. Moms will start getting scrambled eggs around week 3 and
cottage cheese is added in week 4 protein supplements and extras as needed.  In the last weeks of pregnancy we begin
a puppy milk supplement which is loaded with vitamins and minerals. Gestation is about 9 weeks.

1-2 weeks before whelping, Moms start sleeping inside a pen in our bedroom in their whelping boxes.(the box where the
puppies are born) We put them in the pens only to prevent puppies from being born under or on top of our beds. This is
where the puppies will be born and spend the first 6 weeks of life. The entire process of whelping is supervised, each
puppy is delivered by me. Each puppy is cleaned and weighed. They are placed into a heated basket that is in the
whelping box right next to Mom so she can see them and know they are okay while she is in labor and until all the
puppies are born. Having the puppies in our bedroom so long allows them to be watched around the clock... I do not take
picutres of this only because I am busy helping The Dam/Mom deliver her puppies. I dont get on the computer or on my
cell phone during this process. I devote 100% of my attention to the delivery, mom and puppies! The Babies get a
health exam within the first few days following their birth then home to eat and grow! Having Mom and the puppies in
the pen also allows Mom to feel that her babies are safe from the other dogs who are in our bedroom and the rest of
the house. They are "nervous Nellies" for the first week, then they like visitors and have all of the dogs come see
their new babies. Usually by week 2-3 they even allow the other "girls" to come in her pen to visit the puppies. Daisy
Mae and Ruby are both over 13 years old are always allowed to go into the pen and actually lay with the puppies...
Ruby always thinks she can nurse them and will lay with the puppies so their Mom can go out and go potty and not worry
about the babies. It is amazing to watch how much our dogs love each other and help each other when needed! Goldens
are the best " caretakers of humans and other animals!

We have just purchased an older home that we can remodel and set up just for our dogs. All of our dogs are indoor out
door where ever each dog prefers to be. Our plan on our new house is going to be designed with ease and comfort for
the dogs as first priority. Once you reach retirement years a Happy Healthy home with a place to sleep is all you need!

We believe that socialization is a huge priority so we begin the day they are born and continue until the puppies go to
homes. The puppies as well as the parents are a part of our family and are given lots of love and attention. We keep
our puppies until we find the perfect match for them no matter how long it takes. With a Golden you get 100% out of
them that you put into them. We do not believe in the "clearance puppy" We keep our puppies until we find them a
perfect home, if we dont find them a home then they stay with us. This happens very rarely. It is more likely that we
would only have one of our offspring to continue the bloodline of a retiring Dam/Sire. We have amazing bloodlines so we
will keep a puppy from a retirement litter to continue that line. We do NOT believe in over breeding or "line breeding"
which is the process of breeding related dogs in order to make designer dogs.
I have strong opinions about this, it is not okay with me. And the process of creating designer dogs should not be
allowed! Breeders that do these things are usually the first to post negative reviews about us and our site. There are a
lot of unethical Breeders in the world! We try to be as open and transparent as possible. While I have decades of
Breeding experience, I do not consider myself and expert. I have thousands of hours of training experience, do
thousands of hours of research and thousands of hours of hands on with puppies and with dogs.
I have a college degree in Legal Studies and am Retired from the Superior Court. I provide contracts for every single
puppy I place. My website is about us and what we do, this is to open the line of communication with Our Clients! I am
not bragging, boasting or any other thing other so called professional breeders post about me. I will back up any thing I
promise and I stand behind my puppies. I have had clients who purchase multiple generations of dogs from us. I only
advertise occasionally on I have billionaire clients and poor clients but 95% of our clients are by referral.
I currently have a waiting list for pending litters and usually do... I would never post negative things on the net about
anyone and I cant understand people who do that when it is just to try to discredit a competitor.
I ask my clients to get to know us, visit our home, ask for references if you dont trust us. Ask the few people who
have posted negative things about me their name what they do for a living and what their morals are... it might be an
eye opener! We offer ourselves to our clients for the life of our dog! Not just until the door closes behind you!

Our puppies start their training within a few weeks of birth. Potty training starts as soon as they leave their whelping
box and start eating solid food which is about 3 weeks old. We start training as early possible to teach them to sit and
stay. Most of our late spring and summer litters learn to swim before they go home.  At 6 weeks Clients that have
already placed their deposits can come to meet the puppies and select their puppy at this time. Golden Retrievers will
learn something everyday of their life if you are willing to teach them. Any claim that a puppy is completely trained at
9 weeks is just impossible. Training should continue from the minute you take your puppy home. Whether they become a
pet, a service animal or a show dog a good foundation is
very important. Our training begins at an early age, while they
may be too young to completely remember everything the earlier we start the easier it will be on you.

We breed 100% Pure American Made Golden Retrievers. We do not have any English Cremes in our bloodlines or any
other type or variation of any other breed. While they are accepted by some organizations we believe that they are
not a pure traditional "American Golden".. We do not breed out any of the traditional characteristics a Golden
Retriever should have. We do not create "
designer dogs" just to make more money! When you purchase a Golden
Retriever you should get what you pay for! The standards for a traditional Golden Retriever have been in place for
decades and should be followed by all Golden Breeders! GoldenDoodles are not a pure breed dog they are a mix of
Golden Retrievers and Poodles. A mixed breed dog is a mixed breed dog! Just because both parents have an AKC
pedigree this does not make them a Pure Bred AKC Dog! This makes them a mixed breed dog with puppies that can not
be assigned a pedigree! Making dogs smaller so they can be called miniature is not accepted by the AKC This also means
that the breeder cannot guarantee that the traits of their offspring are consistent. AKC only recognises pure breeds.
AKC is THE leading authority in the US on dog breeds and the standards for the characteristics.

When we select our dogs for breeding we do extensive research on their heritage. We also try to purchase all of our
dogs in different states to ensure that our lines are pure and do not have any relatives no matter how far you go back.
While line breeding is allowed by some organizations we do not breed any of our dogs with relatives! We select from
very strong Championship Lines to ensure that our clients are getting the best possible puppy at a reasonable price.
While we could offer our dogs for a much higher price, that is not why we do this... This is our way of giving back for
the Blessings in our lives.

When we suggest a product to our clients it is not because we are paid to do so. We offer the information based off of
our own trial or by experiences of our clients .We offer long term advice to our clients for any issues that may come up
while raising their puppies/dogs. We enjoy keeping in touch with our clients. We are here for the life of our dogs.

We offer crate training, leash training and obedience training for a minimal fee.
Due to new regulations in California and most other states, our puppies must be 8 weeks old to go to their new home.

If a situation arises where our clients are unable to keep their dogs, like death, divorce, illness, employment or any
other reason we will help place the dog into an adoptive home. We do not "re sell" dogs! This allows us to stay in
contact with the new family and update the client who had to give their dog up

We provide rescue services to lost Golden Retrievers. We work with several vets in the area who contact us when they
need to find a place for a lost Golden to stay until their owners are located. They are placed in foster homes for short
term or long term.

We are trying to find Soldiers who are in need of a Companion Dog to deal with PTSD or a Physical injury for rescued
or possibly our retired dogs. We have had one placement that worked out so well we would like to continue this program.
Please contact us to get on a waiting list if you are a Soldier and would like to be considered for an adoption of one of
these dogs.

We do everything possible to make the transition to your home go as easy as possible, we focus on educating our clients
on owning and raising a Golden. We teach you as much as possible about raising a great dog and are here for advise as
needed. Our puppy class is now in printed form so you have it at your fingertips when training your puppy.

We are a "Contract Breeder" All of our puppies are sold with a health guarantee in contract. Contracts protect the
puppy the buyer and the seller.

We offer a Military discount for Active Duty Soldiers and Retired Soldiers. (proof required) We would like to thank the
Soldiers for their service and for Protecting our freedom!
is great for raising puppies. They
love to romp and roll in the snow in
the fall and winter and run in the
fields in the spring and summer.  
There is all kinds of outdoor
activities they love to do.
We live in the same type of
environment in California where we
puppies to California while we visit
our grandchildren for several
months at a time. Shipping is
available from both of our locations.
We are hoping to get our home set
up quickly to allow us to train for any
needs that our clients have.
We are in the process of designing
our kennels, agility courses, training,
boarding and rescue facilities for
Golden  Retrievers.
Our goal is to continue to provide
quality puppies and dogs to fulfill
every clients dreams of the perfect
family member.
We have had puppies go all over the
country, distance is not  an issue.
We ship by air or personally deliver
to our clients depending on the
needs of our clients.
Our clients and our dogs will always
be our priority!
Many Blessings to all who adopt our
babies and all who visit our site!
Thank you so much for your interest
in our puppies,
Daniel and Brenda
This site is dedicated to the memory of
Taken by God but not forgotten!
We love you Baby Ryan!
does to us who grieve for the loss of our friend. To some of us our dogs
bRow Biridge
Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.
When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that
pet goes to Rainbow Bridge.
There are meadows and hills for all our special friends so they can run and
play together.
There is plenty of food, water, sunshine and our friends are warm and
All animals who have been ill and old are restored to health and vigor;Those
who are hurt and maimed are made whole and strong again. Just as we
remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by.
The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing;
They each miss someone special to them, who had to be left behind.
They all run and play together but the day comes when one suddenly stops
and looks in the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body quivers;
Suddenly he begins to run from the group flying over the green grass. His
legs carrying him faster and faster.  You have been spotted, and when you
and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion
never to be parted again.
The happy kisses rain upon your face;
your hands again caress the beloved head and you look once more into the
trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from
your heart.
Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together
Author Unknown
Products and Training Resources
for Golden Retrievers
We do not receive payment from these companies for advertising, they
are places we have done business with in the past and we currently use
or recommend their products.
Cool K9
6 times!
The Master Gardner from Heaven above, planted a seed in the garden of love.
For God in His perfect and all-wise way, chose this rose for His Heavenly Bouquet
And great was the joy of this tiny rose, to be the one our Father chose
To leave earth's garden for one on high, where roses bloom always and never die...
So, while you can't see your precious rose bloom, you know the Great gardener from
the "Upper Room" is watching and tending this wee rose with care,
Tenderly touching each petal so fair...
So think of your darling with the angels above, secure and contented, and surrounded by love.
And remember God blessed and enriched your lives, too, for by dying your darling brought
Heaven Closer to you!
Author Unknown
But we thank him for this poem as it brought
great peace to our family!
The Champions and Championships
stated on our site were at the time that
we purchased our adult parents as
puppies. Updated numbers have not
been added. copies of championship list
available on request at the time of
puppy selection.
The Loss of our Daughter
On December 7 2013 has been difficult.
We appreciate the thoughts and prayers
everyone has sent it has helped a lot.
Thank you so much to all of our Clients who
sent such wonderful emails and messages!
She was taken by God
but we will NEVER Forget her!
Please pardon our
update our site!
We would like to say THANK YOU for 18 Wonderful years as
It has been an amazing ride! We would love to stay in contact with our
clients and continue to receive pictures and updates about our babies!
It has been a tough decision to decide to not breed any more we will miss it
and our clients!